4 Wheel Fun! HOW YOU DU UNE??

Pismo Beach

What a great adventure, camping on the beach! Bonfires and riding quads in the dunes taking in all the fresh salt air. With the Pacific Ocean and pounding surf just 50 feet away. We booked our Pismo Beach camp site early on; there are many campsites to stay at. The reservations are booked by Oceano Dunes SVRA, Pismo State Beach North Beach Campground, Oceano State Park just to name a few of the campgrounds. Visiting parks.ca.gov will help you get set up with a camp site.

Renting an RV is an easy way to enjoy a weekend in Pismo. Once you reserve your site then contact Luv2Camp or Camp Time Rentals to order your RV. They even have their own trucks and will set it up at your reserved location. You can use a Tent but it is very windy there and you will have to hide in the tent during the afternoon winds. We saw a 4ft berm created in the middle of our camp site in about 2 hours. Never the less, our group forged out for some of the greatest dune rides ever. I will never forget the high speed, rim running, lip launches to free yourself from the deep dudes gravitational pull. When done with your day ride the evening offers a needed calm down with a great bonfire on the beach or at your site.

Be adventurous and head out to the quarter mile track where riders go head to head and you will see some of the fastest rides on the sand. All vehicles must have a dune flag on them so you can be seen from the other side of the dune as it can be dangerous if your not paying attention.

There are plenty of rental places for the ATV’s and Quads along the beach some are even automatics if you are not a gear crunching kind of person. The Off Highway Patrol is on constant duty (HORAY) and lends security to a sometimes chaotic atmosphere. Helmets must be worn and I highly suggest long sleeve shirts and long pants when riding. The wind can get fierce during the late afternoon.

Get out and enjoy the Ride!

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