First Trip to Hawaii

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

For the first trip to Hawaii it was exciting however now that we have gone many times we have learned so much more about these amazing islands.
Waimea Bay North Shore Oahu Hawaii

Flying into O'ahu looking out the window of the plane as you see beautiful clear water and the greenest mountains. Honolulu Airport is just a short ride down to Waikiki Beach full of night life and lots to do. From a bus trip for the day taking you all around the lovely island and includes the Dole Factory and Waimea Bay along with Chinamens Hat Island. Take another morning and walk up to Diamond Head and do the hike, earlier the better to beat the days heat. The views from the top of Diamond Head Hike is amazing with the scenic views of Waikiki Beach, Ocean Reefs and Lush Mountains. Take time to visit the Zoo as well as take your photo with the statue of Duke Kahanamoku bring your lei there and give it to Duke he deserves it.

Renting surfboards right at the beach is easy to do and they will even give you lessons and take photos at most of the rental locations. If you are lucky to be there during Big Wave season you may be able to watch the "Eddie" The Eddie Aikau tribute competition is an amazing thing to watch as surfers take on the largest waves you have ever seen. When I talked to Eric who is a friend of Eddie and worked together he said the day Eddie paddled out to save someone he said "Don't you come after me" Eddie went out to save others in the water that were out that day. Eddie was an amazing surfer but the most fierce lifeguard and the first at Waimea Bay. Everyone notes " Eddie would go" due to his amazing life saving skills.

Be sure to visit the Royal Hawaiian for a Scratch Mai Tai and munch on some wasabi nuts on the beach front. A Poke Stack at Duke's on Waikiki with a mai tai is a yummy and fun afternoon. Visiting the second floor at the Aston Hotel at Sunset to view an amazing sight and enjoy the salt and pepper shrimp which I haven't found better anywhere else. Our favorite and best eatery was "Oh No's" just down the street from the Zoo. We will miss that place, with its roughed up table tops and famous photos on the wall. As Toyo sat down with us and taught us the correct way to eat Hawaiian food. LauLau with onions that have just the right amount of salt and dipped in Poi is the best pork and a comfort food.

Now many years later its aways hard to pick what great thing to do first.

I welcome you to put more Aloha in your life.

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