Flying on a Wing and a Prayer!

Located at the Van Nuys airport which has a few claims to fame, you can rent a Cessna & Pilot for a scenic ride out over the majestic Pacific Ocean. For a couple of hundred dollars you can get taken up over the Los Angeles sky line and see everything from vineyards to the rocky reefs out in the Ocean. If your a lucky person the whales can be seen from a plane as well.

It was an amazing Valentine’s Day surprise and what any true adventurer would love. The perfect Valentines Gift: The man that adores me, A good bottle of wine and a Cessna 128 cruising over the Pacific Ocean. The trip was booked through Air Tours LA which is located in Van Nuys, California. We met the pilot for a bit of paperwork then out to the tarmac for a walk around the plane. Pilot John did his safety check and we were off.

Riding in a Cessna is very much akin to flying in a VW Bug from the 70’s. With wind windows and roll up windows along with classic door handles. Brought back fond memories of riding round in dune buggies and Bugs back in the day.

Cruising down the run way and then lift off…… Oh how I love the feeling of flying. Guess that is why I love to teach people how to be weightless and Scuba Dive underwater. We climbed to the cruising altitude then out toward the water we headed. As I sipped my lovely glass of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley I kept my eyes focused on the water making mental notes of the locations I will soon dive.

If you have fears of this type of adventure take time to accept your fears, understand your fears but never let a fear stop you from doing something. Most of our most amazing experiences started with a little fear in them. Have faith and work at becoming a stronger person. To many times I hear people say, “oh no I just couldn’t do that” or “ Oh poor me, I’m not capable”. You are the writer of your script and no one else. I’ve been handed lots of bad news and dealt with my fair share of bad things; however I have faith.

Step out of your comfort zone, sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part.

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